Filter Your Cart by Color won 1st place in the eBay intern Hackathon. 
Team:  Nicole Anicetti, Amy Chen, Nicole Fong, Kyle Kelly, Carrie Lin, Yongrui Lin, Imre Nagi, Mohiuddin Shuvo. 
The project proposed changes to the fashion and makeup platform to make nude products more accessible for women of color. To do so, we researched the need and value of the changes, found similar campaigns done at smaller companies, made prototypes of possible interface changes across eBay's various platforms, and suggested how these changes could be best marketed. 
Our team was invited to present to CEO Devin Wenig (seen below). I was invited to present the project at an All-Hands (as pictured above). 
Personal Contribution: Made prototypes for UI changes to Browse and Search pages* as well as a homepage banner (seen in presentation above). Market research on shopping habits of people of color. 
* Not shown due to company proprietary concerns. 
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