Vibes is a Pebble Watchface that vibrates every 15 minutes, like a clock tower, giving the user a way to know the time without explicitly checking their watch or phone. 

Vibes can...
 help the blind soundlessly tell the time, 
 help students use their time better, 
 help reduce unintentional negative body language, 
 (& more!)

It works like this...
The minutes are expressed with four vibrations, three of short and one long. The placement of the long vibration signals the minutes. The minutes are followed by a long pause and then vibrations of equal length, one for each hour: 

So if the time is 3:45, it's signaled as follows: short, short, short, long, pause. one, two, three. 

 XX:00  long, short, short, short. 
 XX:15  short, long, short, short. 
 XX:30  short, short, long, short. 
 XX:45  short, short, short, long. 

The hours are based on a 12-hour clock. 

Credit to Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment for the lyrics displayed on the watchface. 
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