iQueue is a queueing app optimized for large classes' office hours. It shortens long, one-on-one queues by queuing students into small, topic-based groups. This avoids the redundancy and long wait times of traditional office hours while encouraging collaboration between students. 

It was made by Amy Chen, Scy Yoon, and Talbot Morris-Downing. It builds off of previous work by Amy Chen, Marc Doucette, and Xinyi Jiang. 
iQueue was made with React Native deployed on Expo (through which it can also be viewed). It runs on a Heroku server. It also uses Redux and Native Base.
To test out the app, download the Expo app on your mobile device and scan one of the above QR codes. Links to app download:

We’ve provided multiple QR codes to scan so that you can test out alerts between users. To do so, you will need multiple phones with the Expo App. Each user instructs at least one class and is a student in a few classes.

Hint: One of the easier classes to demo the app with is CS 147, in which the queue already has mock data. Amy is the TA in that session, and Scy and Talbot are both students.
Above: The student-side interface. Functionality: adding topics to the queue, seeking individual or group help, delaying help in questions, leaving questions, volunteering to help others. 
Above: the TA-side interface. Functionality: alerting and helping students, opening and closing the queue, removing students from the queue, adding topics to the queue, and leaving the queue. 
Above: Interfaces used by both users. Functionality: entering / initializing a queue (depending on status), changing username. 
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