Hey / 36 Questions is a projection consisting of 72 screenshotted Tinder conversations. All conversations were initiated by the artist. 36 of these started with a question from the New York Times' "The 36 Questions that Lead to Love" (link). The other 36 started with "Hey :)". If no response was returned, the artist would message another person — resulting in her messaging a total of 143 people. 

The piece examines vulnerability over semi-anonymous interfaces. 
Above: images from testing the projection in my room (left and center) and projecting onto a wall for critique (right). 

Did you keep up conversations with all of the people you messaged?
No, but I'd respond to people who actually responded in a way that was conducive to conversation. To "Hey :)" I'd often just get "Hello" and that would be the end of that. I actually really don't like having conversations with people over messaging apps, so I'll avoid back-and-forth small talk. 

Did you end up meeting up with any of these people?
I met up with one person over coffee. 

What was the most interesting response you got?
I found that a lot of people were really, really warm and open and kind, which was really great to see.

YES. There's this one question that asks whose death in your family you'd be most disturbed by...I was struggling to get a response to that one. I ended up getting one but then getting unmatched. For good reason. 
Above: Images from ArtX: Exponentiate, an art exhibit at the Stanford D.School focusing on the integration of art and science. The projection is on a bed-curtain, projected from behind a dorm mattress. 

Below: Analysis of responses to the messages sent. 
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